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Epic's concierge services handles all the booking details so you just focus on playing the best private courses

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“Most of us, at a certain point, would prefer to play the best private clubs. The problem is that it was a pain to “find a guy” to get me on when I traveled because schedules didn’t always sync up... Even with that, I was still able to play great courses, but I just wanted more consistent access and wanted to invite guests instead of waiting to be invited or asking for favors to get onto other courses. My pro was helpful too, but I was getting stuck with the higher unaccompanied rates. I joined Epic and within 6 months I had added to my golf network and have played bucket list courses on the other side of the country... This really is the best golf society in the country.” 

-Mike M., New York


What a great addition to any member of a private club. Personalized concierge service with access to over 250 private clubs across the country.  I would recommend this to any one looking to golf outside of their personal club. Epic has been perfect. They are really taking good care of us. Also, we have played the top private courses in the state on our last 2 golf trips through Epic.

-Darrin A., Denver, Co


“Epic has been a great way to expand the value of my existing golf membership. Not only does Epic give you great access to incredible courses, Epic also enables members to meet other golfers with similar interests. I use my Epic membership all the time and I’ve had many great experiences with great people.”


-Mike M., Atlanta, GA


"I've been a member since October. Just took the leap of faith using this for the first time on one of my biggest clients on a 5 day golf trip. Couldn't have gone any better! Great company! Great members! Can't wait for the next tee time! Thanks, Epic Golf Club for exceeding my expectations and putting any doubt to rest."


-Bryan B., Sussex, WI


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